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FAITH v. SCIENCE    by Alexander Barrie.

In the present epoch, prevalent with deranged values in every department of life, rages a great and heated debate in the world amongst many educated people about the placing of Faith & Science in human life and living, their apparent contradictions i.e. Faith v. Science confusing many of us, but also their complementariness perceived by others.

It would be helpful if we understood that there are certain forgotten Laws which came ‘out of the void’ at the genesis of human-kind, to guide us Homo sapiens in our life-struggles.

One of these Laws is The Law of Gender-Division (Male and Female). This Law of Gender Division explains the reason for the two major but contrary points of view that permeate ‘All and Everything’ in existence.

However, for the moment we shall concentrate on what appear to be the two extreme junction points, Faith and Science at opposite ends of a spectrum, a spectrum that joins both of these subjects, Faith & Science, together.

It would help us if we think of a vector, and at each end of this vector, stand the junctions of Faith, and at the opposite end, that of Science.

The Faith Junction is Masculine (seeing the bigger/holistic picture and is of right-side brain function), and the Science Junction is Feminine (astute, on unravelling the detail, and is of left-side brain function). Of course, a normal man will manifest both of these qualities but with emphasis on the Masculine attribute, and a normal woman will manifest both of these qualities but with emphasis on the Feminine attribute.

The Chinese say: Man sees the bigger picture and woman, the detail. How so?

It is a masculine attribute that conveys, carries and reveals the ‘truth’, and it is a feminine attribute to demand the ‘proof’ of an item whether subject or object. In other words, the Feminine attribute requires the need to ‘prove’ the ‘truth’!

From the point of view of Creation, symbolically the Sun (Masculine) not only represents the Source of all knowledge and energy but supplies us with knowledge and energy as well, but these are primeval and undeveloped.  Therefore, these two aspects are, at the beginning: conceptual and potent.  Symbolically the Moon (Feminine) amongst other things exists to manifest these Sources in myriad ways, and enable these very Sources to be witnessed and deployed by life in all its [life] multiplicity. Amongst other things, the Moon’s work is to oversee that the gifts from above are realised materially employing the Earth’s resources to do so, for the benefit of life on and in Earth as we know it.

In truth, and returning to Faith v. Science, we may now begin to understand, that just as male and female are attracted to each other like the opposite ends of two magnets (Yin/negative and Yang/positive) holding each other so tightly that they cannot be pulled apart, then Faith and Science are the ‘two sides to the same coin’.  They are inextricably linked – one reflecting and explaining the other.

The Religious Faiths, reveal for us the ethereal and the visionary aspirations for us human beings, and may be explained in a more practical way by Science, for mundane comprehension by us all.

Jalal ad-Din Rumi (Sufi poet and mystic 1300 Cent.): “Behind every atom of this world hides an infinite universe”.

Our eminent problem is, that we take sides and adhere furiously only to one side of the argument without noticing that by keeping faith to one side only, we have 50% of the answer, and therefore 50% comprehension. Sadly, this is so for any subject under the Sun.

We tend only to see the opposition of two points of view and not their complementariness. Indeed these seemingly opposed points of view cannot exist without each other, as with man and woman!

Science with its brilliant discoveries is able to calibrate most things and thereby manifest the ‘proof’ of a thing – this is the Feminine attribute.

Science, able to examine and to see the parts of an item by ‘splitting hairs’ may by this very ability, unfortunately disqualify the Masculine attribute of a given item.  That is, it does not perceive the more subtle manifestations of what that item is about.  It does not see that the part it is examining is not the whole, and as such, the purpose or point of that item in relation to other items, is missed.  The purpose of that item, and to understand from whence it came, requires a different faculty and a different kind of mechanical technique to comprehend its energetic effects.

It is the energetic effect that is disqualified by Science because at the present time, scientists believe that these subtle effects hinted at above cannot be measured/calibrated* and therefore do not exist.

Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind”.

*Energy Medicine Dr. James Oschman.  In fact there are devices that can measure subtle energies now.

Alexander Barrie’s Book: Alexander’s Guide To Harmonising Gender Discordance. ISBN 978-1-4490-6856-1 may be purchased at a discount from his Website: Or directly by telephoning: 0044 (0) 208 423 5659. The subject matter of Alexander’s Guide To Harmonising Gender Discordance is the gender phenomenon of attraction and repulsion.  The Book clarifies the nature of these two opposing forces of creation as they warp and woof through all life’s manifestations.  The Book will be of great interest to those who question life and cannot reconcile its apparent contradictions, i.e. why there are at least always two sides to a subject, Masculine and Feminine, seemingly diametrically opposed.  The contents of this Book, seeks to neutralise these contradictions and guides the reader into appreciating the union of opposites, i.e. Male & Female attributes inherent in every subject in life.



The book’s contents enables us to see and to understand clearly the Restoration of a fundamental Law. A law that not only reveals to us how life in all its multiplicity holds itself together, but is itself the thread that conjoins all and everything in concert; it is therefore the ‘Common Denominator’ in all and everything. It is the law of the ‘Common Denominator’, Male and Female, that binds collectively all that is manifested and all that is un-manifested.